FreeForm Packaging AB is proud to announce the delivery and installation of the first FreeFormPack® Machine to the Chinese market. The packer is located at the site of their distributor Shanghai Shunho New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. The final approval was made on the 20th of October after a successful installation and training of the skilled operators at Shanghai Shunho. *“This is an important step for us and a very much needed one", says Danevert Åsbrink CEO of FreeForm Packaging AB, since the need for a more environmental sound formable packaging is big in China. The installation of the FreeFormPack® Machine at Shanghai Shunho will offer our Chinese customers a great possibility to take the step to a greener future.* FreeFormPack® is a package mainly based of paper which offers the customers the possibility to differentiate their products by shape. With the FreeFormPack® Machine, by CURTI in Italy, and the FreeFormPack® Laminate, based on FibreForm® paper from BillerudKorsnäs in Sweden, they can offer customers a more environmentally sound package compared to plastic. Shanghai Shunho will start up a printing and lamination operation to be able to provide their market with printed FreeFormPack® laminate and act as a distributor for the FreeFormPack® Machine in domestic China. The FreeFormPack® Machine will be used for producing FreeFormPack® for the Chinese market and as a demo machine for potential customers. The facilities at Shanghai Shunho offers great possibilities for customers to test their ideas as they will create the FreeFormPack® laminate in the same building as the FreeFormPack® Machine is placed. **Contact for more information:** Andreas LundgrenProject & Marketing Manager Web: Email: Phone: +46 73 7238605