Flexible, touchable, unique.

Freedom with FreeFormPack® Laminate.


Who decides on your packaging? You or your materials?


Do it your way with the world’s first truly formable paper packaging solution. Stretchable and printable, it is sustainable, clay-coated paper-based laminate that you can shape, twist and emboss to create the perfect, standout package.

Works like a dream.


Available in a variety of barriers to fit your needs, FreeFormPack® Laminate is robust and convenient to use.


No inner bags – just fully sealed construction.


No secondary labels – just directly printable surface.

Matching closure.


Give your customer the convenience they need with a variety of maching closures. Snap cap, sprinkler, hinge – whatever you want. Find the perfect combination of unique form and perfect function.

Revolutionary for:

Protect yourself against counterfeit.


FreeFormPack® Laminate is both unique and fully patented.


So you can distance yourself from your competitors – and protect yourself from cheats.

The FibreForm® Paper is developed by BillerudKorsnäs in Sweden.