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We care about the environment.


At FreeFormPack® we care about the environment; therefore, we are proud to say that our packages are recyclable. Our packages are made of a paper laminate which composition consists of paper fibers up to 75%. The rest of the 25% of the laminate is based of polymers which are needed to create a tight package to protect the product and help preserve the contents with higher barrier requirements for longer shelf life and less food waste.

The paper part of the FreeFormPack® laminate consist of high-quality paper fibers that can be recycled several times in to new paper products. The thin layer of plastic in our laminate can be extracted and recycled or used to produce energy.

Compared to a packaging made of 100% of plastic we can see a reduction of CO2 of up to 75% when viewed over the entire lifetime of the package. This number takes the whole lifetime of the package in consideration, from the production of the paper to the transportation of reels of paper-based laminate to the customer plant. By producing the FreeFormPack® in house at the customer plant from reels of paper-based laminate we reduce the amount of air transported to the customer site, compared to transporting premade jars.

Compared to a plastic jar we can often reduce the total weight of the packaging and thereby lessen the total waste contribution of the packaging. Lowering the waste also helps reduce the CO2 emissions through the package’s lifecycle, as it means that we are transporting less weight.

Our owners are actively working towards making their impact on the environment as small as possible, both through a responsible forestry and supporting organizations involved in developing better recycling streams as well as organizations working to clean up the litter in the oceans.

Read more on BillerudKorsnäs webpage about their climate work:

Our work always aims to guide our customers to find the best optimized solution to minimize their package waste.