Optimal protection.

High barrier.

FreeFormPack® aims to help you differentiate your products in the store shelf, but the main objective of a package will always be to protect it’s goods. With our new high barrier solution we can now offer you the extra protection for your products which requires longer shelf life.

The FreeFormPack® high barrier solution has a thin layer of EVOH to give the package extra protection against oxygen transition from the outside and enable the possibility to pack products with an modified atmosphere. The high barrier FreeFormPack® also features a sealtape covering the raw paper edge, protecting from penetration of moisture and oxygen as well as making sure that there is no transmission of grease to the outside of the package.

The high barrier FreeFormPack® also comes with the option to use either interfacering, for more advanced closure options, or rimcurl to keep the plastic content at it’s minimum.

OTR value: 2-5 cm3 / m2 / day

at 23°C 50% RH.

WVTR value 3,5 – 4,5 g / m2 / day

at 38°C 90% RH.

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