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Differentiation in the market place

Reduces Carbon Footprint up to 75% compared to plastics

The Formable Paper Packaging

FreeFormPack® – The First Ever Formable Paper Packaging

FreeForm Packaging offers you a complete solution called FreeFormPack® which is based on the proprietary stretchable BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm® paper and formed in the proprietary FreeFormPack® Machine by Curti. FreeFormPack® is the worlds first cylindrical Formable Paper Package. FreeFormPack® truly helps you differentiate your brand; it lets you create premium and tactile packages with unique shapes, silhouettes and textures, entirely made from renewable paper!

With our new FreeFormPack® technology we can offer brand owners a range of interesting new benefits and possibilities compared to regular cartons, spiral wound tubes as well as plastic containers.


FibreForm® is a sustainable alternative to plastics. It is made from a Renewable material, it is recyclable and FSC-certificied. It reduces plastic up to 65%, and carbon emissions up to 75% compared to plastic containers.

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The FreeFormPack®:s functionality can be further enhanced with functional closures i.e. for scooping, dispensing and pouring. FreeFormPack® gives the optimal protection for your goods with a sealed, leak proof construction and barrier coating.


Cost efficient

With fast and inexpensive change of tooling we can provide high flexibility and efficiency of the FreeFormPack® machine. The reel-fed in-house production of packages gives you  major savings on transportation, ware housing and internal handling compared to pre made containers.


With our innovative technology you can really make a change and differentiate your brand! You can create visually unique shapes, textures and silhouettes whilst maintaining the natural and premium feeling with a tactile paper material. Our package also offers a very strong counterfeit protection.

Our Offer


FreeFormPack® is a Formable Paper Package. FreeFormPack® is made of FibreForm® with the FreeFormPack® machine. FreeFormPack® gives optimum protection for your goods, with a range of barrier coatings. FreeFormPack® gives brand owners totally new possibilities to differentiate their brand by designing paper packaging with unique shapes and textures. FreeFormPack® is suitable for non-liquid food markets and all non-food markets.


BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm® is a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to plastic. Deep embossing, thermoforming and a wide range of coatings and barriers can all be applied to create truly unique shapes and packaging solutions for your product. The sustainable replacement for plastic packaging, it consists of 100% primary fibre and its purity and strength are approved for direct contact with food. FibreForm® is FSC certified and recyclable.


The FreeFormPack® machine is developed by Curti in Italy. The FreeFormPack® is formed from paper on a reel, then shaped by embossing and blow moulding in the process. The forming unit can be integrated with a filling and capping unit as a complete in-line solution for complete packages. A range of sizes, shapes and textures can be produced on a single FreeFormPack® Machine, with flexible tool change overs and at speeds up  to 150pcs/minute.


The matching closure perfects the FreeFormPack®. Not only does it close and protect the product but it also adds value and functionality to the consumer experience. A wide number of closures can be developed together with the brand owners for different products and uses. Features include tamper evidence, sealing, easy opening and re closing, hinged lid, scooping and pouring applications. Closures can be made from both paper and plastic.

Our Services

As part of our mission to be full service provider, we can provide you not only all the necessary components for your packaging, but we can also assist you in your marketing and product launch as well as ensuring that your FreeFormPack® Machine performs at top level long term.

  • Idea generation and technical realization.
  • Structural and graphical design
  • Prototyping and sampling with HQ digital printing
  • Repro
  • Production of pre-made packaging and co-packing
  • Laboratory and testing facilities
  • Machine maintenance and service

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